Tanath Lagoon

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General Sir Tanath Lagoon, of Knight's Rest, Tal Dagore

”Verily I sayeth: he who cures leather taneth.”-Corbin



Tanath originally started the game around 1994. He discovered Amtgard in a Coppell newspaper, and joined a park in that area. After two trips to the field, the group seemed to have disbanded.

About 4 years later, while looking for a Dungeons and Dragons group at a game store in St. Louis, Tanath found a flier for "Amtgard, Shire of Western Gate".

Tanath has been quoted in this article about Amtgard in his local newspaper.

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Belted Family

Before Tanath was welcomed into the peerage he was squire to Sir Johann Von Grimmelshausen.

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