Tamara Cross

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Squire Valkyrie Тamarа Cross, of Stormwall, Kingdom of the Wetlands

”Your Panic is So Charming”



Started in January of 2008
Squired to Sir Misteslaus of the Wetlands on January 3, 2009
21st Annual Women's Tournament Champion (2009)

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Cross Family
Brothers and Sisters of War and Vengeance
Member of the Amazons
Initiate of Corpus Monstrum

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Misteslaus of Stormwall in the Kingdom of the Wetlands.


"So what are you in for this time?"
"Quit calling it a head shot. Not my fault you all are that short."
"Hey sister, You just made Esoum dribble"

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