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Calidor would apparently like the following appended to his entry:

Calidor is a closet millionare who spends his money on bettering amtgard through lap dances, doing boiler makers with lonestar and 14 year aged scotch, and for sponsering various amtgard events. Matt's Wallet is his co-sponser and has done more in the Celestial Kingdom and in Amtgard than any four soup knights put together. Calidor was a member of Bellator but quit when all the L337 members quit to become Torches. This would be the only company Calidor has been in that Linden could not join also. While in the Brotherhood Calidor was known as "the small one". He is infamous for wearing a cowboy hat in his early years of Amtgard. + - + - Things Calidor has done: + - Calidor once shat a gold d'bloom. + - Calidor once banged two the same time. + - Calidor once commishened a portrait of all the CK monarchs so that he could pee on all of them at once. + - Calidor once created a second e-sam account to handle the overwhelming awesomeness that is Calidor. + - + - Calidor is not Fake_Calidor...or is he?

Yes, but he'd like it in his actual entry 15:36, 9 November 2007 (EST)

You can delete that extra part once you've seen it.