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Reinholt was early Sable Pride, and the brother of the late Dustin.

From 1988: 9427.jpg (Reinholt, guy on the end, right)

ae9a.jpg (Reinholt on far left)

cfbe.jpg (Reinholt cut off on far right)

  • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for uploading these photos!!! It brought tears to my eyes to see the two brothers again, exactly the way I remember them. I mirrored the pic you used on Reinholt's front page at Dustin Darkenmane's page. Funny, I think I was there the day that this photo was taken-- I drove a ginormous Olds 88 and was ferrying people, food, and equipment for the Baron! The picture was snapped outside of the family's apartment in Amarillo, shortly after Merilee and Dustin had moved from Dallas to join Reinholt and their father, Randy. Everybody was getting ready to head out to the campsite for Reinholt's first midreign as Baron. I don't remember who the other lady in the picture was, one of Merilee's friends from Dallas I think, but it's been far too long for me to attach a name. By the way, the hoopty car in the background (the one with the shredded top) was Reinholt's beast; not only did it provide him with transport, but its spacious trunk also served as the Golden Plains' armory and storage unit. I also just located some info on Reinholt's knighting and updated that here. Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane! --Maccalus
  • Thank Clio; she is responsible for the photo additions. Thank you for the story, it was excellent to read. --Linden 23:53, 12 June 2008 (EDT)
  • I got those pictures from Delphos, he has others but my scanner died. Hey, I don't suppose you have a way of getting ahold of Reinholt? Sable Pride would love to hear from him again. -Clio Ninetails 16:13, 19 June 2008 (EDT)
  • I wish I did... I'd love to catch up with Reinholt too! I've made a couple of attempts to catch up with him over the years. The only credible lead I have regarding his whereabouts is that he moved to the Dallas metro area in the mid- to late-1990's and was working there as a security officer (not sure if private security or law enforcement) at that time. I also understand that he stayed active in SCA, even though he hasn't been doing Amtgard. All I've been able to turn up is an old, old, OLD post on an SCA homebrewing thread-- he was talking about drinking, not brewing! Heh. I'd suggest asking any Dallas players who also do SCA if they have more recent leads. Heck, if you find anything pass it along! --Maccalus

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Can't find anything on this guy, Not on ORK, the EH Knight's Page or anything.

Can a EHer check this out please?

Similar on the IK Knights List. He is only up as a knight, not any of the what whens or whys.

Maccalus says: 'Boldwen Reinholt was one of the first Dallas SCA'ers to defect to Amtgard when it started up there. I'm pretty sure he was knighted in the early years of the Emerald Hills after bringing the game to the Golden Plains and starting a new Shire there. Reinholt served as the Golden Plains' first and only Sheriff, because it was recognized as a Barony before the end of his term of office. Dustin Darkenmane, another Baron and Knight from the Plains' early days, was Reinholdt's kid brother in mundane life. Both Reinholt and Dustin were survivors of the Great Massacre of 1989. I think Reinholt was pretty close to Sir Nevron from their days together in the Hills-- he'd probably be the best source for any additional information.'