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Photo looks like it is of the "Black Hand" not Black Heaven. Anyone care to weigh in?

-Linden 9 24 07

Black Heaven is a group that just formed up in Western Gate (in the Rising Winds), and we're taking over this page... because it appears to be both the Black Hand and the Argent Flame.

We will add our member list and our information soon.

It will be

Bighead of Western Gate

This company already exists in Blackspire. You may not remove it to replace it with your own membership. I have rolled back your edits. If you like we can create a disambiguation page to separate the listing, but do not remove content from another page because you failed to give your company an original name. --Linden 07:24, 17 January 2008 (EST)

i understand the need to contact this group, and will be doing my best to contact this group over the next couple of days. there are, however a few things i'd like to point out. first, it was not a company member of ours who changed the page (nor was it changed on behalf of a member of our company). second, this "origional" black heaven has at least one other page, the black hand page (i had thought that i had found at least one other identical page)...the argent flame page is very enlightening on this subject, showing the black hand as having been defunct for 5 years. third, i would like to point out that my company and i have the black heaven ORK set up, while the other group has a black hand ORK up and running...

again, i will attempt to work this out with the pages former creator, but i think that some precedence should be set...what if i were to have created a justicar page, or a rogue page?


I have not received any reply from any Blackspire contact for Black Heaven. I consider the good faith clause met. WG Black Heaven may now feel free to update the page to their liking. --Linden 12:22, 14 April 2008 (EDT)

yay linden! thanks a have you been?