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Squire Talen, Defender of the Emerald Hills

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Talen was introduced to Amtgard by his brother, Lucas The Lost in November 92, a couple weeks after Eagleshire was created, around the same time and place as noteworthy Amtgarders Sir Corbin and Sir Forest.

He's a lefty, and his fighting style has been rough on his elbow and wrists. Old-n-busted, he recently appeared once more on the fields of Eagleshire, having kicked his WoW addiction.

Affiliated Groups

Talen is a member of the Green Dragons.

Belted Family

Previously squired to Sir Lief and then Sir Zigful Sai Yuk (AKA Zig), Before becoming a squire to Sir Brett.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Champion of the Emerald Hills, June - December of 2000, EH's 25th reign.
  • Defender
  • Appears in these videos on YouTube
  • Achieved a lifelong dream: After years of "tease Lucas till he beats the crap out of me" when they were kids, Talen can finally take his older brother.

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