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A Shire, located in Pampa, Texas

Amtgard Chapter
The Kingdom of Golden Plains
Status Shire
City Pampa, Texas
Park Central Park
Meets on Saturdays 2:00pm
Founded 2015
Active Active


Stormwatch began back in September 2015. Back in the late 90's Pampa had a park that was once known as Gryphons Haven. The park had a good following for a number of years but then eventually fell apart. Arklon Harkonnen, who still lived in Pampa, kept fighting even with no park in Pampa. He fought all over Golden Plains. Eventually a few old comrades moved back to Pampa and he called to them to join him and create a new park and a new place where warriors could test their metal and their courage. So these brave warriors begin the quest to build another park where one stood so proudly for so long. Now Stormwatch as it is known has flourished. Many new warriors and wizards have found a home here.

Current Monarchy


Local Fighting Companies


Come down Highway 60 East till you get into Pampa. Follow it through Pampa till you go past Barletts Lumber. The light after Bartletts is S. Cuyler St. Take a left at the light. Follow it down thru four lights till you get to E. Sunset Dr. Take a right and we are located on your left, right after you turn.


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