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Soleis of Jupiter's Stones in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

"I'll do my best"

My Biography

A young role player who started March 13th, 2016. I started as a Healer, I'm currently still focusing on that class.

Persona Biogrophy

he lived in the middle of two kingdoms, right on the border of the kingdoms. When he was a boy, his home was destroyed, his family killed. Leaving him to fight for his survival. but three years after the incident, a Healer found him, Healed his physical wounds, and after some time, Convinced him to become a Healer. Another year later he found himself in Jupiter's Stones.

Affiliated Groups

None at the moment

Belted Family

Sorry to disappoint you guys. I am not in an apprenticeship.

Notable Accomplishments

I'm somewhat new to Amtgard, so nothing to see here.

More Information

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