Smiling Ones

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The Smiling Ones are the longest running company in Goldenvale. The Smiling Ones are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to have fun while playing the game of Amtgard.

We are a growing company and are always on the look out for new members. Our company's heraldry is a yellow sun on a black background. The uniform is... anything you want! All Decisions (every single one) are made democratically in this company. The Battlefield Strategist's consist or Beans, Ted The Farmer, and Prazac. Right now we are located in Goldenvale Proper, but we are always looking to expand. As Smiling Ones, we spend some of our time at events helping with clean up and generally making sure people are having a good time. That's what we are all about: Have fun and help others have fun!


House Smiling

House Smiling is a branch of the Smiling Ones. It is there for those members who feel they are 'Smiling Material', and for those who we feel are 'Smiling Material' yet are conflicted by being in another Company. They are more then welcome to wear our colors, they wear our old heraldry (10 sided sun, as opposed to the 8 sides sun we wear now.) House Smiling stands for everything that the main Smiling Ones stand for, and there for, the members must adhere to all the standards one would expect from a smiling one.


  • Five Orders of the Flame!!
  • Order of the Masque (Except Prazac)
  • Tied for 2nd Place in GE XI Company Battle
  • Order of the Smith for Awesome Easter Quest
  • Showed there RP Prowess by DOMINATING the Summer portion of the GE XI Quest.