Silvius Accuris

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Silvius Accuris, of Gryphon's Perch, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”He must be the King he's not covered in SHIT”


Silvius started coming to Gryphon's Perch in April of 2008. He and his family, Helen and Arwen,made it to midreign in June 2008 for their first Kingdom Event. Despite the fact he had a stroke on the Tuesday before the event. Using Amtgard to help with his rehab, Silvius looks forward to more involvement in the upcoming year.

Personal Info

In the mundane world Silvius is known as J.C. Bone and works at Wonderbread in Indianapolis

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Fighting company: CuMorrigan, Captain Logistics Officer

Notable Accomplishments

  • Published "The View Form The Perch" a park newsletter.
  • Regent of the Dutchy of Gryphon's Perch winter 2009.

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