Silver Oak

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Former Principality in Darmstadt, Germany Under the Celestial Kingdom




Duchy mid 1994, to principality late 1995. Once Captained by Logan T. Black and Athisdane.

From Athisdane:

Shortly after this I was sent to Darmstadt Germany by the US Army. I then founded the Shire/Barony/Duchy of the Silver Oak in Darmstadt Germany. This was a great group composed of several small Shire/Baronies in the area. The names I still remember are the Barony of Silver Brook and the Barony of Under Wald. Later on Logan T. Black was also stationed in Darmstadt. He soon joined us and the group really took off again with even more of the local Germans and the military personnel joining. Logan T. Black was crowned the first Prince when we became a principality. Later on after Logan stepped down I was crowned as Prince of the Silver oak. Sometime after my term as Prince ended I left for Fort Hood Texas again.

The Principality of The Silver Oak had a great working relation with the local castle in Darmstadt, Castle Frankenstein. We held several quest at the castle and even rented the entire Castle out at one point.