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YAR-L Woman at Arms Shroudstar, Protector of Falcon's Moon, Dreamkeeper of the Emerald Hills, Friend of Howling Plains


Shroudstar began her journey in Amtgardia in Neverwinter, at the previously named Ember Shoals in 2014. She briefly visited Rivermoor and fought at the Ivory Tower. She began her sojourn into Amtgard offices when she joined Falcon's Moon in the Emerald Hills, and with the help of numerous others, assisted her park into becoming a barony. She forged a tenuous alliance with Howling Plains during that time, which involved a lot of beneficial infighting.


Shroudstar had her start as a pirate as the first mate of the Bilgewater Mutineers. She left her crew when she journeyed far from the waters of Neverwinter, but kept her pirate spirit. This got her in trouble when she first became baroness of the Falcon's Moon and went a tidbit mad with power. She declared war on the entirety of the Emerald Hills. This caused her closest ally, Rhadamanthys, to hire an assassin, User:Art. Art shamelessly stabbed Shroudstar while she was monologuing. She was later, secretly, resurrected as a minion by Sir Worrak Darkedge. After this event, Shroudstar was gifted power to obtain her goals, but she could not handle the amount given to her by Sir Worrak. Her insanity returned, but this time bolstered by immense power. She began collecting magical creatures and siphoning their power in order to create flying pirate ships to conquer any land that stood between her and making Falcon's Moon the biggest power in the lands. It was really quite ridiculous. She was thankfully brought down by the people of Falcon's Moon. She is now currently sitting voluntarily in jail, after the overwhelming power was removed from her. She seeks penance, a stable mental state, and for no one to ever mention how stupid her plans were.

Offices Held

Baroness of Falcon's Moon (x2)

Champion of Falcon's Moon

Prime Minister of Falcon's Moon (x2)

Pro-Tem Regent of the Emerald Hills (January 2021-June 2021)

Titles and Honors Awarded

Lady in 2018 by Kal Thrax

Protector in 2019 by Amethyst Panther

Baronette in 2019 by Kal Thrax

Dreamkeeper in 2020 by Bloodwood T. Pirate

Baroness in 2021 by Kal Thrax

Jarl (or as Shroudstar the pirate jokes, YAR-L) in 2021 by Kal Thrax

Belt Stuff

Shroudstar is a Woman at-Arms to Sir Worrak Darkedge

Alexander Blackwood is a Cleric (Man at-Arms) to Shroudstar