Shining South

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Shining South, Barony

A defunct Barony of the Kingdom of Neverwinter, located in Pompano Beach, FL.




An amtgard chapter, met originally in Pompano Beach FL, formed as a (friendly) split off group from Silverwater by people who lived farther south. For several years it met in Exchange Club Park. It was the primary home to Dragon Claw for a time. It peaked at Barony status but eventually died out. It was one of the founding groups of the Kingdom of Neverwinter.

After a period of inactivity, it was restarted in Boca Raton, now playing in Patch Reef Park. It was never that large, but had a larger percentage of neverwinter kingdom officers (including Kings) came from this park.

In an effort to rally various south Florida groups, this park closed up shop and founded a new park between it and Silverwater, under the new name of Dagger Cove.


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