Shattered Lands

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Shattered Lands, Shire

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located in Alexandria, VA.



A rebirth of Ilith Oloth, refounded in December of 2007. It went defunct when the population dwindled to one in September 2008.

Populus (People)

Officium (Officiers)

Class Guildmasters


  • Monarch = Glorican de Celestus
  • Regent & Consort = Sneak
  • Prime Minister = Aquam Noctae
  • Champion = Dokebi


  • We meet at Ft. Ward Park located at 4401 W Braddock Rd Alexandria, VA 22304.
  • Our start time when we meet up is 1pm.
  • If you are interested in coming to our park, please contact either the Sheriff or the PM.