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Baronetess Squire Serena, of Iron Wood, Wetlands



Serena started Amtgard at the Sea of Rhye in December of 2006 with her husband Kentigern. She quickly became the "park mother", caring for and supporting everyone at the park. As time progressed she became more involved politically with the park, pushing Kentigern to do the same. In June of 2007 she took a new job in Charlotte, NC and therefore became one of the founding members of Dragon Cross. Since moving to Dragon Cross she's begun actively participating on the field as well as behind the scenes. UPDATE: Again having the opportunity for personal growth, Serena and family relocated to Houston Texas in June 2008 to take a new postion with a new company and has become actively involved in supporting The Wetlands.

Affiliated Groups

I.L.B.F. -Guard of the Body #3

Amazon daughter of Abi

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Awarded the Title of Lady by King Tomahome of Goldenvale, March 2008
  • Founding member of the Shire of Dragon Cross in Charlotte, NC
  • Feast-o-Crat Gauntlet 8
  • Co Feast-o-Crat of GEX
  • Gate-o-crat WL Endreign Dec 08
  • Chancellor Dragon Cross 07 and 08
  • Sheriff Pro Tem Granite Spyre 08
  • Feast-o-crat WL Endreign Dec 09

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