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Selket Octavius, of Mithril Hills within the Northern Lights, Kingdom of Blackspire




Selket began Amtgard in March of 2009. He was instantly drawn to the warrior class and fighting with a sword and small shield. He spent his first two years working on his fighting. He mainly plays Warrior, with occasional jaunts into the scout class as it fit in with his fighting style. After just two years in the game Selket won the tournament for pro-tem Champion of Mithril Hills in the Summer of 2011. He was also presented with his Master Warrior for his continued excellence in that class in June 2011, making him one of the fastest people to get class mastery in Mithril Hills.

Selket has served well as Champion of Mithril Hills twice since his first stint as pro-tem.

In 2015, Selket, in the wake of the former Captain and Founder of the Shadow Wolves departing for a different company, became the captain of the company.

Affiliated Groups

Shadow Wolves - Captain

Domus Octavii

Belted Family

Selket was directly Man-at-Armed to Squire Wolfmane

Notable Accomplishments

Master Warrior after just 2 years in Amtgard
Pro-tem Champion of Mithril Hills Summer 2011

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