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Scouts Guild Union

Heraldry Untitled-1.jpg ”If two scouts cross paths in a forest and no other players are around to see it, did it really happen?”

The Scouts Guild Union is designed and created for just that, Scouts and any other class of similar to this. Bards, Assassins, Archers. All classes hidden in the trees or directly under ones nose.

The SGU was created with many purposes in mind. A big part of the SGU is to provide a group where vets and new players are welcome and encouraged to share their knowledge and passion for their classes.

Forget the politics and semantics. Orders and garbage like that and concentrate more on the fun aspect. There is way to many people becoming obsessed with the political part of Amtgard and starting to forget about the Roleplay aspect.

We encourage all members to dress, fight, RP, as they wish. Our only requirement is that our members ensure that themselves and others enjoy the game.


Started Summer 2012

Created on the principles of unity through common interest and unique thought.

Our only conformity is our brotherly bond, from there "To each his own"


  • Cieran
  • Ballentine Goldwell

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