Sage of Irongate

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Lady Squire Sage of Irongate, Golden Plains

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Sage started playing at Irongate in 2008. Although she has only been in Amtgard a short while, she is already dedicated to her home park. Sage is very into the service asspect of the game. Sage served her first term as PM in the spring of 2009, and followed it up by running unopposed and winning Regent of Irongate.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sage is Squired to Sir Kamal Mustafa

Notable Accomplishments

  • Lady - Awarded by Sir Bearrug, King of Golden Plains, February 2012
  • 41st-44th Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains, June 2012-June 2014 for a total of 4 straight reigns.

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