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Ryze Darkflower, of Greenwood Keep, in the Kingdom of Northern Lights

Ryze Darkflower
Chapter Greenwood Keep
Kingdom Northern Lights
Started 2013
Noble Title None
Belted Status Man At Arms
Contact Information
E-Mail 3moame@gmail.com

c3d2ab55-dea8-44d0-b259-66456a7f1e5a_zpspebvnr5v.jpg ”You aren't trying if you aren't making mistakes.”


Character Bio

Ryze's last name derives from the magical flowers she swore to protect from those who were xenophobic. Due to a major fire that wiped out a whole forest of them, and nearly a village. Because of her 50+ years of guarding the flowers and saving the village, the spiritual guardian bestowed the title "Guardian of the Crescent Flowers", as well as giving her the option of using the last name Darkflower, which she later finds out is her mother's maiden name, a key of finding her mother. [To be continued]

Player Bio

Sarah Simons is 23 and currently resides in Greenwood Keep, Northern Lights in Lacey. She started in Angel's Haven, Burning Land in Puyallup but it was disbanded 6 months after joining. Since then she had moved to Shrouding Mist, Northern Lights in Tacoma. After about a year and a half, she moved to Gilded Groves, Northern Lights in Auburn. After the birth of their daughter, they decided to settle in Greenwood Keep, Northern Lights. Starting in 2012, she has since met a very unique assortment of people ranging from very quiet, anti-social people to in-your-face, celebrating people. She has also met her best friend Jamie Velandra Galuria Arrowfox and her mate Zack Simons Badwolf. Zack's and Sarah's daughter is Serenity Simons Seri Darkflower who joined the world of Amtgard in 2015.


Notes: Her mate is Lord Bad Wolf, GMR of Northern Lights; They both reside in Greenwood Keep with their daughter Serenity. Ryze is currently serving her first term as Regent for Greenwood Keep. She is Man-At-Arms to Merlot Lovell of Inland Ocean, who is a squire to Sir Hawk.

Affiliated Groups

Anderson Clan - Journeyman/2nd in Command - Household
Rising Phoenix - Infusion

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments