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Lady Sir Rynegade RedThunder, of the Field of Nightmares

"I will end you!"



What? There's stuff to kill? I'm on it! Oh, this is a biography? What's that? Can I cast it? BIOGRAPHY, BIOGRAPHY, BIOGRAPHY, BIOGRAPHY, BIOGRAPHY!

Rynegade started playing October 2, 2010 for The Sanguine University.

Her fighting prowess has grown exponentially since she began playing; however, she is still not the best of the best. Considering she has only been playing for a short time, she kicks ass and is catching up. Changed surname from Skinrot to RedThunder at some point.

Currently resides in the Field of Nightmares.

Belt Line

Currently none

Affiliated Groups


The Sanguine University

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Serpent -2021

Awarded title of Lady by Shadow Dragon on August 20, 2011

Drew The Sanguine University's heraldry. But she didn't design it, Ochlan did. She promises never to claim to have done so!

Offices Held

Prime Minister for The Sanguine University.