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Belt line Ruque, of Cinderfell, Winter's Edge

Marchioness Ruque of House Mander

Self-Proclaimed Pineapple Princess, Dark Lady Who Must Not Be Named, Bewitchingly Beautiful Dark Phoenix Queen, and Notorious Pumpkin Witch Pumpkin Boo


"It's not kidnapping, It's CONSCRIPTION!"


♦ Ruque first attended Amtgard February 12, 2012; becoming a member of Soul's Crossing, at the time under the Confederacy of Dreadmoor.It was at this time that she was given an Emerald by King Docsi of Emerald Hills for having full garb, knowledge of the rules, and fighting on her very first day of Amtgard.

♦ February 25, 2017 she joined Mechia, a Barony of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge.

♦ October 15,2017 Ruque was sworn in as Crowned Princess, Regent of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge at the Kingdom of Winter's Edge Fall Coronation: Crystalline Chronicles VII : Arcane Fall. Ruque was overtaken by the tempting aroma of that which is the PUMPKIN SPICE and took on another persona, PUMPKIN BOO the PUMPKIN WITCH. She would go on to curse the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge through out the years, much to their delight and spooktabulous glee.

♦ February 10, 2018 Ruque taught an Alchemy 101: An Intro to Potion Making class, Served as Autocrat for Mid-reign, and ran Winter's Edge's Kingdom Dragon Master at the Arts & Sciences Symposium III / WE Mid-reign.

♦ May 13, 2018 Ruque served as Autocrat and Kingdom Regent for Winter's Edge Spring Coronation : Saviors of the Stars.

♦ August 12,2018 Ruque served as Autocrat and Kingdom Regent for Winter's Edge Summer Mid-reign : Pineapple Wars. On this day, Duke Vashiren Evernight, Paragon Assassin, and King of the Kingdom of Winters edge... Vashiren Evernight! Who has never lost a single battle! Vashiren Evernight who has dominated every war! Vashiren Evernight who has suffered no defeat on the field of battle and has swept numerous fighting tournaments! Vashiren Evernight ... LOST THE PINEAPPLE WAR ... TO THE VERY BEAUTIFUL AND ILLUSTRIOUS RUQUE MANDER. It was then that Ruque became the self proclaimed Pineapple Princess for her victory during the war over the anti-pineapple on pizza tyrant and proved, through blood and glory, for once and for all, that Pineapple DOES belong on Pizza.

♦ October 14,2018 Ruque stepped down as Kingdom Regent, at Winter's Edge Fall Coronation Crystalline Chronicles VIII : Blood of the Old Gods, after serving two full terms . With the smell of Pumpkin Spice once again in the air, Pumpkin Boo emerged to curse the citizens of Winter's Edge. The citizens of Winter's Edge once more reveled in her presence much to her surprise and dismay. Pumpkin Boo reflected heavily on her life decisions up to this point and what she had done to make people flock to her with glee, giggling and begging for curses and to play her obviously rigged dice game... what more could she have done or would need to do to strike terror and fear into the hearts of these citizens?

♦ February 10, 2019 Ruque attended the Winter's Edge Arts & Sciences Symposium IV where she plagued and horrified attendees as the Dark Lady, Alias : She Who Must Not Be Named, during the night dungeon in accordance with the Harry Potter theme.

♦ April 28, 2019 Ruque served as a main NPC and ran the Gypsy Caravan at the Kingdom of Winter's Edge Coronation, diving out fortunes and meddling with destiny as a good agent of chaos should. By the end of the event Ruque was able to, with the help of several adventurers, gather all of the Dark Phoenix Feathers and assume the role of the DARK PHOENIX QUEEN who will undoubtedly be terrorizing small towns and villages soon.

♦ August 10, 2019 Ruque attended Titanomachy: WE Summer Mid-reign. There, lying in her tent, the self proclaimed Pineapple Princess, the bewitching beautiful Dark Phoenix Queen, also known as the Pumpkin Witch Pumpkin Boo.... nearly died of heat exhaustion in the unbearable Southern Summer Heat. Standing there on the verge of death the god of death itself, Hades, fell madly in love with the girl's charms and made her Persephone. Ruque, as the NPC Persephone, guided travelers through the Underworld in one of the best night dungeons that has ever been!

♦ October 20, 2019 Ruque served as Poppet Crat for Winter's Edge's Fall Coronation : Rise of the Heroes. During this event, it was her extreme honor to get to decorate several of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge's Jr. Heros with their Gold and Silver Olympic medals that they had earned throughout the day at the Olympic Games.

Affiliated Groups

Amtgard Hufflepuffs
Amtgard Scribes Guild
Bardic College of Winter's Edge
Clockwork Crafters
The Golden Acorn
The Herd
The Jedi Order of Winter's Edge

Notable Accomplishments

♥ June 29, 2017 Ruque was paged under Sir Khazon Mander.

♥ October 15, 2017 - October 14, 2018 Ruque served as Regent and Crowned Princess for the Kingdom of Winter's Edge.

♥ February 10, 2019 Ruque was awarded her Marquess title by Queen Jade Skymaine of the Kingdom of Winter's Edge for her Excellence in office as Kingdom Regent.

♥ April 28, 2019 Ruque was promoted from Page to Princess at Arms by Sir Khazon Mander.

♥ August 10,2019 Ruque took on her first page, Z. Ombie


Marchioness Ruque Mander has had the extreme honor and privilege of creating the following Scrolls

Knighthood Scroll : Knight of the Crown

Knighthood scroll.jpg

Arch Duke Title


Defender Title


Master Owl

Master owl.jpg

Master Rose

Master rose.jpg

Baronet Title


Baronet Title

Tarlach baronet.jpg

Paragon Druid


Paragon Healer


Belted Family

Additional Images

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More Information

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