Runiel Talos

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Khaleesi Runiel Talos Esquire, Master Warrior, of the Barony of Hel's Gate in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

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Runiel Talos
Home Park Hel's Gate
Kingdom Crystal Groves
Year Started 2009
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status none

”GOD DAMN IT!” -Rune


Feast of Dead 2016

Bio (Mundane)

Started at Harbour of Rhye in early 2009, because her friends played. After weeks of thinking it was nerdy she decided to play. Redav volunteered her to be Lord Renn's Page. Renn accepted and then a few months later bumped her up to woman at arms. She left Amtgard for awhile, but she is now continuing to play. She rebuilt the Barony of Gargoyle's Gate with the help of Darva. She uses the title 'Khalessi' in place of Lady.

Affiliated Groups

Crystal Corps

Belted Family

Notable accomplishments

  • Given the title Esquire by Queen Katrina
  • Co-founder of Gargoyle's Gate (2x)
  • Given the title Lady
  • Given the title Master Warrior by King Toda


Before court at FoD 2012


At Harbour of Rhye 2009