River Hold

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A defunct freehold, located in Richmond, VA.




River Hold was founded by Squire Ted Iomhair in 2009. Ted was (at the time) a Man at Arms under Squire Kyrie Eleison. He traveled to Richmond, Virginia from Lost Souls, Dragonspine (Santa Fe, NM) to be near his family where he started up the new local chapter, River Hold. It went defunct in that same year, in September of 2013 it was revived by Kenshin Ozban and Jester. It went defunct again in September 2014.

First Monarchy
(voted on Oct. 24, 2009)

  • Monarch - Ted Iomhair
  • Regent - Kyla
  • Champion - Tristram of River Hold
  • Prime Minister - Nostrildomus

Last Monarchy


1459766 613482752042471 869469115 n.jpg From Left: Jester, Kenshin, Affinity, and Cain


1453322 613483165375763 817745822 n.jpg Midreign - November 2013

Contacts and Directions

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