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Baronet Riven, of Nightglade of the kingdom of the Golden Plains.


Riven has been with the Bitter_Coast since the beginning of his as-of-yet short Amtgard career, beginning in January 2006. He has took a leave of absence in 2007 due to his deployment to a faraway desert known as Iraqistan.

Once again thanks to the military, he moved to Norfolk, Virginia, in 2009 and was active in the Harbor of Rhye.

Again he moved in 2015 and is currently an active member in Nightglade

Persona Biography

Born and raised in the church, Riven was a devout follower in faith. When heroes were needed to aid in the defense of the Barony of the Bitter Coast, he used his healing skills to keep the fallen in the fight. Upon reaching the higher powers of divininty, Riven found a fury within himself that could not be sated with the magics he wielded. After watching his comrades fall, he decided to cease wielding the white light of goodness, and instead chose to pick up a sword.

The call of the wild instilled a wanderlust, and armed as a noble barbarian went far to the south, to a merging of two towns, now called the Harbor of Rhye. It is there, he has finally settled again.

Affiliated Groups

The Shire of Nightglade, Founder Fighting Company Jörmungandr

Notable Accomplishments

Serving as Regent of the Bitter Coast, Mar 2008 to Sep 2008 Awarded the titles of Lord for involvement in the advancement of Arts and Sciences in the Bitter Coast (2008). Served as Regent in the Winter Reign of 2015 for Nightglade