Rising Winds Best of the Best (BotB)

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Best of the Best is a tradition brought to the Rising Winds in March of 2008 by Orlando. Best of the Best is an A&S tournament that is held in a bracket format, similar to most fighting tournaments. Entries are put up head to head and eliminated each round until there is a single winner. In the event of a tie between two items, the entry that is more related to Amtgard is chosen. Below is the list of winners thus far.

2008- Io
2009- Chiba Ryuichiro
2010- Heydeez
2011- Mosley Def
2012- Roslyn
2013- Lucia
2014- Raphael
2015- Raphael
2017- Chiba Ryuichiro
This list is updated, and generally agreed to be accurate as of 11/20/2014