Rising Phoenix

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Rising Phoenix

”From the ashes...”

Where we come from does not matter, only where we go.
The wings of the phoenix carry us through our journeys in life.
As we fail in one thing, so we rise again from the ashes to try again.
Overcoming adversity, reaching nearly unobtainable goals, and remaining true to ourselves throughout is what the phoenix teaches us to do.

The household of Rising Phoenix was originally a roleplaying household of members from the park, Shrouding Mist, in the Kingdom of Northern Lights.
It was a group of friends who wanted to garb similar and work the field together for fun times.

Those original members were:
Master: Lord Faraque Corinthar
Mistress: Kahlan
Mistress: Marie de Xavier
Member: Kanphuzian Duskwalker
Member: Stryfe Wolf
Member: Hard Place
Member: Rock
Member: Midjet
Member: Ruin
Member: Theron

Politics happen, as they do, and disillusionment ruined much of what I loved.
I left the game for several years and came back to find most of my compatriots were gone.
Only 1 had kept the name and flame alive.
After some more issues, I burned the house head amulet, thus ending the house and naming myself keeper of the ashes, in case a day should come that I would want to rekindle it.
That happened at Rosewood 2013.

It is now January 2016.
I am revitalized, mentally healthy, and working for my original goals.
I have decided to rekindle the house, with certain specific people in mind.
We will have simple, achievable goals, and do things we love for our lands and our kingdom.
The Phoenix rises again.

The current roster is small:
Keeper of the Ashes: Faraque
Ignition: Attano
Memory: Kanphuzian
Memory: Midjet
Memory: Hard Place
Reminder: Galuria
No-Position-Yet: Durnik
Infusion: Redacted

They are here for a reason, and their position in the house reflects why.