Rhi Bran ap Brychan

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Rhi Bran, of The Hollow, Northern Lights


Bran ap Brychan is the name taken by a forester who is loathe to share his history with anyone but his closest friends and allies. Dispossessed of his lands he came to Gypsy Hollow in November in the year of our lord 2010.

Political History

In October of 2011, after only a year in Gypsy Hollow, Bran was recognized as the Baron of Gypsy Hollow (Succeeding Timotheus Barbane) and became known as Rhi Bran.

October 2011-April2012: Baron of Gypsy Hollow April 2012-October 2012: Baron of Gypsy Hollow

Notable Accomplishments

Created the Gypsy Hollow Persona Role Playing System (With Squire TORig Headbasher and Nymphe)

Created the Gypsy Hollow Financial System,

Saw increased membership between April and July 2012.


Apotheosis: Votary

La Courte Dei Pariah: Embodiment of Lust

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