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Lord Rhadamanthys

Rhadamanthys started his days in the Barony of Crest Haven in Neverwinter. He spent many days happily fighting under the banyan tree with soldiers that used to stomp around in Silverwater when it still existed. Over time age began to set in, and he got his eyes on some crazy pirate known as Shroudstar that he knew he needed to keep his eye on.

Over the years Rhadamanthys has traveled with Shroudstar across many lands, and has finally settled in the Emerald Hills at the Barony of Falcon's Moon. He's reluctantly helped run the show for a while, trying to stay in the shadows and let people do the hard work, and has tried to keep people in check that have gotten out of control, such as when he had Shroudstar assassinated.

Fun Facts

  • Rhadamanthys is an old man.
  • He probably doesn't like you very much.
  • When he was Monarch of the park, he was kidnapped by bandits, and his allies left him for dead. He later came back as a ghoul and murdered them a LOT.
  • He probably doesn't want to do whatever you're about to ask him to do, but he'll suck it up and do it anyways if nobody else is doing it because SOMEONE has to do the thing.
  • People often try to give him credit for cool stuff other people do and he wants to stab them for it.