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Wendy, Wench of Rangor of Siar Geata Dragonspine

”I'm only witty when I'm drunk.”
”Ok Rangor Funcrusher...”
"Meanwhile, Rangor Braincrusher is on the roof of one of our neighbors, watching the fires with a drink in hand..." in reference to the Camp Pendleton fires of Fall '08



Married to Rangor, mother of Dragoth and Equestra.

Once known as Rangor's Wench for being the nameless better half of Rangor, the name Wendy was recently bestowed upon her by evil Randy as "MOM" to the lost boys of Siar Geata.

She shows no small promise in the garby-artsy side of Amtgard. RW is a graphic designer in RL and it shows. She's responsible for the Siar Geata belt favors you'll see on the majority its members, the Silures boar & its presence on Cadooogan's shield, and various other odds and ends.

She posts with some regularity on the CAAmtgard.com forums.

She's been making tentative forays onto the battlefield of late.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Got Siar Geata a demo opportunity in Late July at a cub scout event, attended by no fewer than 100 scouts. Had great success that we hope will turn into a few recruits!
  • Judged Siar Geata's August 2008 qualifications tourney.
  • Vice President of the Siar Geata BOD '09
  • Regent of Siar Geata, February 09 to August 09

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