Rabbit Footlong

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Lord Rabbit Footlong, of Dragon's Hollow under the Principality of Winter's Edge, NW



Once started in a barony of Crimson Stag, but had to take a break and took some years away, Joined the Military and served his local town and home in Clarksville TN with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) then one Jan 2 2010 came back out to find only 1 person with a dream named Whitey, since then He has served the new shire of Clarksville with Pride and gained more numbers.

24th Apr 2011 18:28 CST Bunch agreed with him, for once.

Affiliated Groups

Board Member of Footlong Sandwich Measurement Experts LLC

Belted Family

Notable accomplishments

Sheriff of Dragon's Hollow April 2010- 2011

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