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The perfect woman, Cuisinart, currently of the Wetlands



Cuisi is as you can see reputed to be one of the most perfect women ever, the preceding title above was granted to her by the Chosen, In part because she married Corbin, from Dallas around the time that the movie the Fifth Element came out. But mostly because she is an excellent fighter; and is aggressive, brutal and cute. There are stories (which could be true) about her having two seconds of sand in the hollow core of he madu to give it extra 'punch'.

Queasy has played throughout the Tri-Kingdom area; and travels to many Interkingdom Events. If you ever have the chance, line up on against her, you might pick up a few things. Cuisi was voted the third most effective female fighter at the amtgard polling institute.

She was introduced to Amtgard in Eagleshire. Her fighting style quickly earned her the name she carries to this day.

Belted line

Cusi is Squired to Sir Mosher of the Corsairs.

Affiliated Groups

Cuisinart and her whole famliy are proud members of the Corsairs

Notable accomplishments.

Here pictured with her husband Corbin, aren't they adorable?