Porkins's Beard

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Porkins's Beard, of Thor's Refuge

”It smells of Bacon and Win”


A relatively young beard on the scene, Porkins's Beard has been lovingly cultivated with daily applications of bacon grease and peanut butter. This makes for a much thicker and disease resistant crop of beard hair. When asked how he gets along with the ladies, Porkins's Beard replied that he only need brush a woman's cheek to make her swoon and the lingering smell of applewood and maple left them longing for more each time. Porkins's Beard made it clear that he only looking for a one chin stand as of late, and refuses to settle down until he sprouts a few grey's.

Despite an unseemley double life, Porkins's Beard has assisted in the many miracles of St.Porkins.

Affiliated Groups

Suspected member of the Circle of Beards

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