Past Linnagond Monarchy

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The Shire of Linnagond, in the Principality of the Nine Blades, of the Kingdom of Goldenvale

Shire Level

  Sheriff Regent Prime Minister Champion Guildmaster of Reeves
Reign I (September 2012 - March 2013) Psylocyte*** Ryanni*** Talaris*** / Talaris*** None None
Reign II (March 2013 - September 2013) Psylocyte Ryanni Talaris*** / Talaris*** None None
Reign III (September 2013 - March 2014) Talaris Dust*** Psylocyte*** /Psylocyte*** None None
Reign IV (March 2014 - September 2014) Talaris Ryanni*** Psylocyte*** /Psylocyte None None
Reign V (September 2014 - March 2015) Darlack Ryanni*** Psylocyte / Talaris None None
Reign VI (March 2015 - September 2015) Darlack Ryanni Talaris / TBD None None