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Baronet P'zazz from Shadow Under Moon, of Midnight Sun, Emerald Hills

”Can we fight already?”


Character Biography

P'zazz led Rogon into the small village of Midnight Sun many turns of the moon ago, her kitten in hand. "Here," she said. "Until she's older, we can rest here." Rogon shrugged, and went on to do Rogon things. But, P'zazz drug her kitten all through the village, speaking with the residents and learning about them and the best places to nap. "This tree," she would point. "That rooftop," a different day. Her kitten (now called Doom Kitty) ran with the village muckhobbits while P'zazz started keeping the records of the growing town. Then, out of nowhere, Sir Bloodmoon decided the muckhobbits were a menace, and Doom Kitty (and therefore P'zazz) stood against him. Doom Kitty grew in stature and in maturity that year, leading the muckhobbits to victory. Shortly after, P'zazz took the crown from Sir Bloodmoon, and stepped forward to lead Midnight Sun out of the darkness of the twisted magic that had ruled the lands from even before Sir Bloodmoon had taken over. As a catperson, P'zazz knows that the best solution to bad magic is a great party, and so the Reign of Revelry has begun!

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