Osgiliath Bramhall

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Lord Osgiliath Bramhall the Drunk





Osgiliath Bramhall the Drunk (or Oz) is a fun loving giant. Oz has been in the game since august 2015. After one day at the park, he started the long road of park leadership in the role of Champion. After finding the new park in 2016, He spent 2 terms as champion and moved onto the Regent position and the Prime Minister position. After getting the park back on track in 2018 after a fallout, he programmed the parks ORK and got them on track with coffers and paperwork.

  • 6th Level Monk, Iron Monk of the Yellow Rose
  • 6th Level Bard, The Longwinded
  • 1st Level Wizard, The Wizard of Oz


Affiliated Groups

  • The Revolting A RP house/fighting company filled with goblins, orcs and a large orge. Becoming "Kings Guard" in 2018 for Walberan, The minotaur king!
  • Green Lantern Corp. Promoted to Full Lantern in May,2019- A service house with the sole purpose on helping out with ANYTHING needed to be helped out with.
  • Bardic College of Winter's Edge Administrative Dean- The Bardic College is a collection of patrons, performers, musicians, and researchers who are united in the promotion of the non-competitive performing arts within the Kingdom of Winter's Edge.

Belted Family

Man at armed to Squire Bunch the drunk, squired to Alona Twotrees under the Tul beltline

Notable Accomplishments