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Archduke Saint O'Banion of Ironwood, WL.

”I'll do what I can.”



O'Banion started playing at Mushroom Shrine in the Wetlands in the year 1993. Over the years he has become well known for Roleplaying and his great skill at belt making & knight's chains. After a Roleplying incedent he became the recognized Patron Saint of Newbies & Flurbs. Also he has a serious thing for the film Boondock Saints.

On the occasion of O'Banion's Knighting in the Order of the Serpent, it became difficult to procure all the symbols of knighthood for the ceremony because O'Banion almost always makes these for the new knights of the kingdom. He is the first, and as of this writing, only native Knight of Mushroom Shrine.

O'Banion officially changed parks to Ironwood, just as Mushroom Shrine was about to be retired. The park was miraculously picked up by a band of Gypsies who moved into the area and is attempting to make a comeback, with the full support of it's only Knighted son.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments


Masterhood in

Positions Held

  • Kingdom Monarch, Reign XIII 2002 and Reign XXXIX 2015
  • Kingdom Regent, Reign XXII 2007
  • Kingdom Prime Minister, Reign XIV 2003
  • Numerous positions at Mushroom Shrine, including Duke
  • Barony of Ironwood, PM, Spring Reign 2011, Winter Reign 2011
  • Voted GuildMaster of Vampires (for life) in 1998

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