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Page Nyx'Eiliagh Lomieldon Selercemna Ohtarnis Coiverranon of Murky Waters, Celestial Kingdom

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Persona Biography

An elven lass who has recently made her way to the Murky Waters in the Celestial Kingdom. She has acquaintanced herself there and to some of the citizens of the local provinces of Broken Citadel and the Wall. She is a novice druidess of a gypsical nature who has been taken in by Amazons.

She has interests in many aspects of Amtgard, with a distinct knack for getting herself to assist, a love for the arts & sciences and learning, a desire to flurb, a want to learn the way of the blade, and a very annoying (though usually beneficial) relationship with the Good Idea Faerie...


Per pale azure and sable, on a lozenge fesswise, between in chief a plate between two moons decrescent and increscent and in base in chevron inverted five mullets of seven points argent, an oak tree eradicated and fructed proper.

Affiliated Groups

House of Crats

Beltline info

Page to Lady Dragonmouse Grimwulff Stormblade of Murky Waters who is Squire to Sir Wanderer and Sir Yonnah Stormblade both respectively

Page Sister to -


Notable Accomplishments


  • to have fun in the fantasy of Amtgard, and help those who wish to as well
  • to do well and to learn whenever possible

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ORK - Nyx'Eiliagh Lomieldon