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Southern Rebellion is a second-year Westmarch event. It is the Principality’s largest gathering behind Darkshore and Feast of Mars, and its largest in the South. This year it is being held the weekend of August 7th-9th at the Lightning Point campsite just north of Los Angeles.


The Northern and Southern lands of Westmarch are at war. The Southern lands of Crimson Sanctum and Siar Geata, with the aid of their outland allies, have rebelled against the North. The Northern lands of Ashen Spire, Crimson Wood, Seven Sleeping Dragons, Thor's Refuge, Wavehaven, and Wyvern's Spur, along with their own outland allies, have come to put down the insurrection. A series of five games will determine the future balance of power in Westmarch once and for all.


The event features one themed militia game that runs throughout the event, a series of four related battlegames, a multi-category bardic, and even a few roleplaying opportunities.

Ongoing Game


The North and South each have three dignitaries. The other side is trying to kill those dignitaries while protecting their own.

Battlegame Series

Opening Maneuvers (Friday PM)

The Northern and Southern armies are maneuvering to advance deep into enemy territory, taking terrain as they go. The goal is to move your army’s front (marked by a banner that also acts as an optional respawn point) as close to the enemy starting side as possible, which protecting your supply lines (marked by little colored flags).

River Crossing (Saturday AM)

Weeks of opening skirmishes have finally created a key opportunity for the North: they have pushed the Southern forces back to the mighty river that marks the borders of the South’s core lands. The goal for the North is to move as many units across the river and off the Southern edge as quickly as possible. The goal for the South is to destroy those units, or at least significantly delay them.

Capital Siege (Saturday PM)

Weeks of hard-fought battles have brought the North deep into core Southern lands: they have finally pushed the Southern forces back to defend their very capitals. The goal for the North is to shatter the capital by penetrating as far into its structure as possible, destroying forces as they go. The goal for the South is to survive to the end of the battle, hopefully by retaining the castle. However, there is an important additional wrinkle to the fight: each side has managed to secretly recruit one or more traitors from the others’ side, and these individuals can switch loyalties at a key moment to try and turn the tide of the battle.

Prisoner Hunt (Sunday AM)

The battle for the Southern capitals was fierce, but in the end the North managed to shatter the mighty citadels. The armies of the South were left in ruins, with only scattered units remaining. Now was the chance for the North to bring the leaders of the South to justice and end the Rebellion for once and all. The goal for the North is to capture the remaining two leaders of the Southern resistance and hold them prisoner until the end of the game. The goal for the South is to evade capture while freeing the two prisoners the North already holds.


A North-vs.-South performance contest that offers the traditional four categories outlined in the corpora, plus a bonus "modern" category that can vary from a funny dance contest to a joke competition.


As a balance to the fighting games, more roleplaying-oriented players can earn points during almost any activity through impressive roleplay.

Each of these activities nets the two sides a variable number of victory points, depending on how well they do. The side that soundly beats the other in the end is declared the winner of Southern Rebellion.


Year 1

In 2008, the event incepted as a one-day occurrence dreamt up by Tevas of Ashen Spire and executed by the chapter of Crimson Sanctum. The event was held at Hahamunga Watershed Park in Los Angeles, and the main games were two shatter battles: a North versus South castle game and a monarchy versus peasants insurrection game. They were supplemented by heavy ditching and a short court. Lucas the Lost and Staccatto wrote the following review. (Note the event’s name during that first year was “Northern Invasion.”).

Year 2

In 2009, the autocrat of the event, Uranaga, decided to make it a larger, higher-visibility affair. To this end, he expanded it from one day to a full weekend; relocated it to a cheaper, more spacious site; added new games with broader appeal; and involved other chapters in its administration. He chose the second weekend of August (two weeks after Clan and two weeks before Dragon Blade War); selected the Lightning Point campsite high in the mountains above Los Angeles; designed four new games supplemented by roleplaying and a multi-category bardic (all chosen to tell the event’s “story”); and worked closely with experts fro

m Ashen Spire, Siar Geata, Silver Sun, and WaveHaven. He also carefully renamed the event to reflect a more southern and less common feel (it is, after all, based in the south, and everything gets called an “invasion.”) Uranaga wrote the following review.

Victory Summary

  • 2008: South (major)
  • 2009: North (minor)

A list of crats for each year can be found here.


Year 1

  • These photographs (Album 1) were shot by Wendy of Siar Geata.

Year 2

  • Pending

Further Information

For more information on the 2009 event, please refer to caamtgard's forums.