Mythic Forge

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Amtgard Chapter
Mythic Forge
Kingdom Neverwinter
Status Barony
City Casselberry, FL; Orlando
Park Red Bug Lake Park
Meets on Sundays at 1 PM
Founded 2020
Active '

The Barony of Mythic Forge

A Barony in Neverwinter, located in Casselberry, Florida. Formerly named NodRama, which was formerly named Bloodstone. However, due to new player bases, it should be considered it's own park.


Amtgard chapter founded by Nephilim Fáelán, Reita YüNoWhoGod, Fuzzy, and Zurielle BlødRavyne. The park that would eventually become Mythic Forge was founded in 2002. Going through four locations and three names, The Barony of Mythic Forge was officially brought into being on January of 2020. The park is primarily composed of players interested in the arts and service, including a Serpent Knight and a Master Rose.


Officer History

The Court of Mythic Forge

Companies and Households


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