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== Thane Nephilim Fáelán the Fated Esq., Discordian of the Barony of Bandit Flats East, in the Kingdom of Crystal Groves

Nephilim Fáelán the Fated
Bandit Flats East
Crystal Groves
Noble Title


Nephilim joined Amtgard in 2015, at the park of NodRama, in the Kingdom of Neverwinter. After an unfortunate bout of homelessness in 2018, he made his relatively quick return. He jumped in, serving in more local offices. To date (01/2022) he has been a crat in 8 Kingdoms and taught in at least 3, although several of the classes were recorded and shared publicly, likely bringing that number up significantly. He has also been a part of the parks Falling Fire, Mythic Forge, and Bandit Flats East.

Affiliated Groups

Apprentices and Standards for Becoming One

As a sponsor, I accept responsibility for your behaviour, and knowledge of your class. I will work with you to make you a distinguished member of the Class Guild of your choice. I will also represent you in the Circle of Paragons (if applicable), and advocate for your Paragon once I feel it is deserved.

To become an apprentice under Nephilim you must:

  • Be actively leveling the class you are apprenticing as, or level 6.
  • Be an active and contributing member of your current Kingdom.
  • Be willing to listen to advice given by your sponsor (IE Nephilim).
  • Have good battlefield conduct, as determined by either your home park or Nephilim.


Former Apprentices

Titles I may or may not use on various occasions

The Unseen Hand (Paragon Assassin), Dreamweaver (Paragon Druid), Requiem Aeternam, Discordian, The Imaginary, Planeswalker, Thane (Viscount), Lord, Esquire, Ethereal Keeper

Duplicate Awards

Ultimately, this is slightly annoying, but I'll take it in stride. After all, they are still awards.

  • Awarded a duplicate 1st order of the Dragon in October, 2019 (Had 3 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 5th order of the Rose in August, 2020 (Had 5 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 2nd order of the Smith in February, 2021 (Had 4 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 3rd order of the Smith in February, 2021 (Had 4 orders when awarded)
  • Awarded a duplicate 2nd order of the Smith in April, 2021 (Had 4 orders when awarded)

Notable Accomplishments

Nominated and top 10 placement in Flurb of the Year both 2019 and 2020

Order of the Awesome awarded by Winter's Edge for work during the plague times.

Paragon Assassin granted by Sir Kelbo D'Monet

Paragon Druid granted by Cookie Monster

Esquire (Awarded for excellence in the office of Baronial Champion)

Lord (Awarded for excellence in the office of Baronial Chancellor)

Viscount (Awarded for excellence in every office at Barony level)