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House Nel'Fray

"I think I may be a little drunk..."

     Tyriss Nel'Fray




Azure a sun sable radiant or debruised a torteaux


Founded in 1998 at Cuiviëdôr Amarth, House Nel'Fray began as a close-knit group of friends who's only stated goal was to start trouble, but quickly became infamous. It is interesting to note that House Nel'Fray was not in fact a House at all, but rather a fighting company that was named "House Nel'Fray". Needless to say, this caused a certain amount of confusion. Today, it is rare to see any Nel'Frays at all, as the members of this house are mostly on hiatus.

Additional Images

Khraal Nel'Fray.jpg Lord Khraal Nel'Fray

Colin.jpg A young Collin Nel'Fray

Druss and Deitri.jpg

Druss Nel'Fray and Deitri Van D'Evic at Cuiviëdôr Amarth in 2004

Common Nel’Fray Joke

How many Nel'Fray does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. 30, One to do it, and 29 to plot out all the contingency plans.

B. Just one, but it takes all of them and half the morning to get the light bulb back from the Corsairs.

C. Niles isn't at this meeting... let's vote him into office of lightbulb-changer.

Top 10 Reasons I Wouldn't Want to be a Nel'Fray

10: Never a citizen of Cuiviëdôr Amarth.

9: Cherry-Vanilla tobacco gives me hives.

8: Can't get used to having my own theme song.

7: The WereBadger thing was a JOKE!!


5: Don't want to play tambourine in the band.

4: I find Khraal attractive, but not in that "special" way.

3: Two bards, one sword, one spellball.

2: /Tyriss/ /Does/ /the/ /Dishes/.

And the number one reason I wouldn't want to be a Nel'Fray:

1: One day, the Corsairs are just going to snap and kill you all.

Current Leadership

Gans (Inner-Circle)

  • Tyriss Nel'Fray
  • Niles Nel'Fray

Bars (Outer Circle)


  • Druss Nel'Fray
  • Gazmack Nel'Fray
  • Token Nel'Fray

Former Members

  • Deitri Van D'Evic
  • Gabriel (Gabriel was never officially expelled, and never officially left, however Gabriel does not currently claim the name Nel'Fray, and so is listed here. We wish him the best.)

Former Acolytes (Petitioners)