Nature's Change

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A Defunct freehold chapter, once located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.



Nature's Change was born in Jacksonville, NC in early 2006. The park was located at North East Creek Park which was a great place for playing because it was next to the water plus it had a huge forest area for running quests. Zelph Mourningwood and myself (Helios)started the park because we needed to feed our Amtgard addiction and spread it to others as well. WOur numbers usually were around 17 people a week which wasn't bad for being in a military town were a lot of people kinda look at you weird for having an imagination. Nature's Change rekindled the Amtgard community on the East coast of North Carolina. Because most parks in that area no longer exist so the park gave those Goldenvale Amtgarder's a place to swing some stick close by.

The park dwindled and fell apart toward the end of 2006 because of Deployments and lack of attendance. Hopefully there is someone that can once again bring Amtgard to that area.



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