Nadir Isole

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Sir Nadir Isole
Current Park The Frostlands
Kingdom Polaris
Year Started 2002
Company Academy Cold War
Noble Title Baron
Belt Status Knight of the Flame
Nadir Isole Seal 1.png

Sir Nadir Isole of Frostlands, in the Kingdom of Polaris


Began with the SCA in 2000, joined a college Amtgard club in 2001 that swiftly went defunct as members graduated then joined the freehold of the Frostlands in 2002-2003. It has been their home park ever since save for a few sabbaticals to play in the sand.


House Brew
House Burn
House Fierce
Academy Cold War

Back Story I have combined symbols and colors from my persona's back story and carer in Amtgard for the creation of this shield. Nadir Isole was initially uncovered entombed within a glacier under the symbol of a blue rose. This origin was designed into a heraldry for Nadir by Julian Greystoke (2004) of a Rose before a white mountain or mountain of ice. I have also focused on incorporating my company (ACW) colors of white/black/green into the over all design. Finally I have incorporated the heraldry of House Fierce.

Symbolism In heraldic design images and tinctures can have many meanings. These are the meanings that this design focuses on. It can be looked at as the story my shield tells. Upon the base of the shield is a vert field from witch an azure rose springs. The vert field stands for loyalty and hope. It serves as the foundation of the escutcheon just as hope is my foundation within Amtgard. The Rose is also a symbol of hope and joy, while azure is the tincture of steadfastness and strength. It serves as a transition to the charge. The mountain provides security and shelter while argent was chosen for the the sincere desire that Amtgard can be that shelter from the world and help to provide peace. The sable chief represents constancy and as a reminder. For this escutcheon to have true meaning they must guide my actions continually that I might always be depended upon. The household that most embodies these ideals has its heraldic symbol placed in honor upon the dexter chief.

Regalia Historia An accounting of awards and achievements. The chevron is often awarded to champions or defenders. The three primary peaks of the mountain represent the three terms I've served as champion of the Frostlands. While the partial peaks represent future efforts and a reminder that the work is never complete. The silver cornet with six pearls that encircles the shield is symbol of a Baron within the Amtgard Order of Precedence.

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