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First Park Terra De Votum
Started Amtgard Fall 2018
Current Home Park Terra De Votum
Current Kingdom Desert Winds
Status Active
Noble Titles To Be Established
Paragons(s) To Be Established
Preferred Pronouns She/Her
Mundane Name Crystina Blaze

Squire Mythic the Historian of the Duchy of Terra De Votum, Kingdom the Desert Winds


Who is Mythic the Historian? Mythic began her Amtgard life in the Duchy of Terra De Votum on October 28, 2018. Her mundane name is Crystina Blaze.

She has an addiction to all things purple and making the perfect party desserts. If a project needs getting done right the first time, we ask Mythic to intercede.

On January 3, 2020, she made the following statement: "Oh, I won't have much to spend on fabric when I get a house, so the fabric won't get out of control. I have better self control than that!"

Mythic is in service to Countess Guardian Drū-Kära.

Affiliated Groups

ANTGARD Household

Belted Line

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Notable Accomplishments

  • Kingdom of Desert Winds Board of Regents- June 2020- June 2022
  • Kingdom of the Desert Winds Fundraising Committee - June 2020 - Jube 2022

Mythic's ORK3