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Mortis Nuntius, of Crying Heavens, Neverwinter

”I am the Messenger of Death!”

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Originally his evil tainted the lands of Darkwater East, until driven back by his nemesis, Poet.

This is a lie. Poet would never survive my wrath.

I traveled south to start my own shire. Crying Heavens is my creation. I plan to spread my evil through the land like cancer. I am the captain and houselord of Tear of Blood.

It all started in a dark day when a warrior named Mortis, united forces with Smoke the Assassin, Griffin the Archer, and Drago the wizard. Tear of Blood was formed. At one point I had spies in all the major households and fighting companies in Neverwinter. I have mercenaries across the globe.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Winner of the Flurb of the Year for 2009, and runner up in 2006.
  • Will not respond to any name but his persona name.
  • Master Wizard
  • Winner of Two Orders of the Mask
  • Founder of Crying Heavens
  • The Nuntius Staff, an artifact listed in the v8 rulebook, is named for him.

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