Morrigan's Daughters

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Acerbus et Ingens


" Come forth my daughters"

" On waves of blood!"


We are The Morrigan's Daughters, a female fighting household open to women of tenacity, fervor, ferocity, and strategy on the battlefield in Amtgard. We support each other in all ways, and we should strive to better ourselves as Amtgarders and as fighters.

Our Heraldry then will be a black raven on a royal blue background with a white lily in its mouth.


The Morrigan (or Morrigu) is a triple aspect goddess. Though she is structured similarly to goddesses that follow the Maiden/Mother/Crone archetype, she has no Mother aspect. Modern neo-pagans have created a different face for the Morrigan, a far cry from her traditional roots. All in all, the Morrigan would have been an exceptionally practical goddess for the ancient Celts, a goddess of battle for all the people. Her three aspects cover the three main parts of battle. The three aspects of the Morrigan are Badb (Maiden), Macha (Mother/Spearwife), and Annan (Crone).

Badb (Maiden): She was the Washer in the Ford, the herald of the sound of the dead. Badb was often pictured in Celtic myth as a young maiden washing the bloodstained clothes and armor of slain warriors in a river. Women with husbands, sons, or fathers going off to war would often pray and make offerings to Badb in an effort to get their men home safe.

Macha (Spearwife): Macha is the Mistress of Ravens, the warcry thundering across the heavens. Whereas most Celtic goddesses have a Mother aspect representing the middle of a woman's life, the Morrigan has had her maternal instinct stripped away, and instead has Macha, the Spearwife. She is an aspect of frenzy and war. Warriors heading in to battle would pray and make offerings to Macha in an effort to solidify themselves with battle. Her symbol is the raven.

Annan (Crone): Annan is the Keeper of the Shield, the mother caring for the souls of her dead sons. She is the crone on the battlefield, washing the corpses of the dead men to send them off to the afterlife. Annan would be prayed to if a son/father/husband had not returned from battle, in hopes that she would be merciful.

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