Mithril Hills

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A Shire included in the Kingdom of Northern Lights, located in Longview, Washington.




  • 2012 - Fell under the sovereign rule of the Northern Lights following their elevation to Kingdom status at Clan XXX.
  • 2011 - Mithril Hills joined the then Principality of the Northern Lights.
  • Mithril Hills was originally founded as Dark Valley under Celestial Kingdoms. Another group, Bon Mot Glen was created by Arch-Duke Gaelin of Devenshire in May of 1999 as part of Valley of the Silver Rains when Dark Valley became divided and the group split. Dark Valley and Bon Mot Glen reconciled and merged as Mithril Hills in October of 1999 under Valley of the Silver Rains. In October of 2000 Mithril Hills obtained Barony status. This was also the date when Mithril Hills adopted the land colors of blue, black, and silver and voted in their heraldry. In March of 2001 Mithril Hills changed sponsorship to Mystic Seas. The land would later come back under sponsorship of VSR in March of 2002. Mithril Hills obtained Duchy status in October of 2002. Mithril Hills was demoted back to Barony status in October of 2004 due to a decline in active numbers. Mithril Hills was promoted to the Status of Duchy, by King Darrian, in February of 2008, and demoted to Barony status again by King Sir Moonshine in November 2011.

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Sherrif of the Mithril Hills - Dame Cetalia

Shire Regent of the Mithril Hills - Alexander P.O.Y.

Prime Minister of the Mithril Hills - Sir Shyden Hellsfire

Shire Champion of the Mithril Hills - Flagg

Guild Master of Reeves of the Mithril Hills - Mithius Silverbow

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Contacts and Directions

Mithril Hills currently meets at Noon on Sundays at Riverside Park (near the covered area) 1820 Westside Hwy Kelso, WA 98626. (Current KLE are at this park)


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