Misty Vale

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a defunct chapter of Goldenvale, located in Hurricane, West Virginia.




Contacts and Directions

Contact:Matthew Koontz (304)757-9374

Get off at the I-64 Teays Valley exit headed towards Winfield. That is the OPPOSITE direction of Hurricane. Go approximately 700ft. or until you see a sign reading "Stone Gate: You'll want to live here" It will be on your right. If you see a sign that brings the speed limit up to 55 you've gone too far. Simply enter the subdivision and stay on the main road until it splits. There are two directions, one goes up hill, the other stays level. STAY LEVEL. Do not go up the hill. Staying level will take you to a sharp right turn after 200 ft. of driving; this right turn is called "Red Berry Drive" Continue down "Red Berry Drive" until you see a gate. Pull up to the Gate and press the CALL button. It will be clearly marked. We'll ring you in. :) Hope to see you there! We meet Mondays at 4:45PM and Saturdays at 12:00PM Come out for the fun, stay for the fighting! Everything we do is safe! This page was created in four mins. by Ira Knight, webmaster.