Mimic (monster)

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The following rules are from an out of date rule-set


Mimics, sometimes referred to as Doppelgangers, are a rare and terrifying breed of shape shifter. Able to pass themselves off as a staggering variety of human and demi-human forms, the Mimics often slay unwary travelers and assume their forms.


As per class played.


Mystical Beast

Q/M Ratio



Per Class (Natural) All armor worn is considered a part of the Monster and is treated as Natural
Shield per Class


Per Class (Natural) All weapons used are considered a part of the Monster and are treated as Natural



Natural Lives


Abilities & Traits

  • Regeneration
  • Innate Magical Ability: Mimic (1/life) At the start of every life, the Mimic chooses which class it will play for the remainder of that life. The level of the chosen class is set at the same level of the Monster (i.e.: a 4th level Mimic may be a 4th level Healer on one life, a 4th level Monk on the next, and a 4th level Assassin on the one after that). Classes must change every life and no class may be played more than once in a battlegame. Paladins, Anti-Paladins and Raiders may not be mimicked by this Monster. All class requirements must be met in order play a chosen class (i.e.: garb, sashes, spell lists, etc.) Mimics portraying a spellcasting class may not purchase weapons, but gain the use of a single short melee weapon for free. Mimics cannot use bows or projectiles, unless these are gained through Dopplegang.
  • Innate Magical Ability: Dopplegang (1/game)


Player Notes

Grendel says: I.E. One of the most broken 1:1 monsters in the game. Play this one kids.