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Chief Milamber Andalsa Darkjester DeTalon, of Siar Geata, a chapter of Westmarch

<insert maniacal laughter here>

Milamber is the one with the baby skull on his belt in the back.




Milamber started playing in the Burning Lands in the 80s.

He's been known as "Taz", a healer that worshiped the Tasmanian devil... his spell verbals were "interesting" (stand back, you'll get wet). The Saracens have made him a Chief for Life. His (real life) son Merlyn is the youngest person to ever be inducted, having joined the Saracens before he was born.

After knocking around the world for a while serving in the Marines, he was stationed at Miramar in San Diego, CA. There, he's helped found a chapter now called Siar Geata.

Quite skilled with a pole arm, he has a disconcerting habit of attaching a foam-rubber bug-eyed baby skeleton to the end of his spear. Many people have been stunned into a glassy-eyed stupor when first exposed to it, transforming them (however briefly) into an easy kill.

Milamber loves Jugging. A lot. He owns two Amt-legal dog skulls, and a skeleton-baby flail strictly used by people playing Chain. His preferred position is Heavy.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • Husband to Silvera, Father to Merlyn
  • Duke of the Crystalline Confederacy, Way Back When
  • Sheriff of Nazzeroc (Siar Geata's previous incarnation)
  • Champion of Nazzeroc
  • GM of Barbarians for BL in ages long past and long-time holder of what is now called Odin's Hammer (pre-nerf).
  • He's credited with developing the Barbarian system of counting: 1, 2, a few, some, many, too many. Having reached "too many", a barbarian has run out of fingers on one hand, and therefore may Run Away (when berserk).

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